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I can't remember life without a camera in my hand. I'm not sure how old I was when I started, but I remember that camera like it was yesterday. It was a Kodak Signet that  my grandfather pulled out of the closet. It's red leather case had kept it looking like new, and when he placed it in my hands I was captivated.

During my elementary years, I visited the home of a classmate who's father was a professional wildlife photographer. This is where I was first exposed to a darkroom. Dimly lit with an amber light and trays of chemicals, a  photographic enlarger and various darkroom gadgets I knew right away that I was hooked.

I watched as negative images were projected onto photographic paper and then slid into the chemicals. One at a time images appeared like magic.

By the age of 12 I used money that I had saved from working on our family farm to purchased a modest darkroom setup. I setup shop in a stone smokehouse. There was no need to paint the walls black as they where already chard black from years of smoke. Freshly processed film was clipped to dry on the meat hooks that remained fixed to the ceiling.

Photography has been a passion that has only grown stronger through the years. A lifetime of exploration and events captured to share and occasionally revisited.

I hope you enjoy this website and a glyphs into my journey.



I am blessed to share this passion with my beautiful wife Deanie. Deanie is a gifted photographer who specializes in beautifully photographing young girls and woman. Check out her work at


My Camera History

As many photographers learn, this passion soon becomes an addiction. Below are nearly 30 cameras that I own or have owned through the past 40 plus years.